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The Author

Isabel Macpherson was born in Cholo, Nyasaland, the youngest of David and Frances’ three children. She describes her childhood on her father’s farm as idyllic. The excitement of the 2 day’s flight, returning from her boarding school in Johannesburg, to see the new litters of puppies and kittens and the familiar comfort of the thatched family bungalow has never been forgotten.

She was sent to England at the age of 17 to study secretarial skills and later, following in her mother’s and sister’s footsteps became a student nurse. In 1967 after an early marriage and the birth of two of her three children she returned to Malawi where she spent the next 12 years and in 1970 a daughter was born. The family went back to England in 1979 where Isabel qualified as a chiropractor. After a divorce she re-married, became a dressage rider competing at Goodwood and then a cruising yachtswoman sailing to nine countries.

Isabel now lives happily in Switzerland with her husband Tony and at last has had the time to edit and publish her father’s diaries and short stories.




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