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“This is a lavish production, richly illustrated with photographs and pull-out maps of Portuguese East Africa (now Mozambique) and Nyasaland (now Malawi) and will be much treasured .... It is of great interest too, to social and environmental historians ..... Don’t expect political correctness - David uses the language and reflects the attitudes of his time. His writing style is very direct and it’s an easy read as you follow his numerous hunting trips...
This book transports the reader back in time and portrays life at a period when colonialism in Africa was on the wane and much of the continent was little affected by mechanisation and modern communications.”

The Editor - Creag Dhubh Magazine, Scotland


“I was mostly interested in it as a document of its time. It is in so many ways
a remarkable portrait of an expatriate in the middle years of the African
empire. The interest lies in his language, his preoccupations, his
observations on all around him which are so much "of their period". It also
has a special interest for anyone concerned with the history of PEA.”

Professor Malyn Newitt - Kings College London


"Your book underlines for me the sadness that the Africa which your father knew is gone forever. To roam as freely as the Elephant he hunted across the face of Africa was a great privilege which is no longer available. The Old Africa has gone,and he saw it go."

Alan Brooks U.K.


“The book is beautifully, professionally compiled, written, designed and printed.”

Frank Johnston, Central Africana, Malawi


"It's a most interesting story for me, especially as I only remember Mac from my childhood as a quiet, non smiley person who grunted a lot! And there he was, a very intelligent man, with such an exciting background. Now that we're all old and wise we really would appreciate him!! By the way, I did enjoy the story, A.M.O. A Trader Sportsman in East Africa. That really was very funny, and I read a lot of it to George, my grandson. Mac's efforts to help AMO to use the safety catch on the gun were hilarious. Your dad did have a lot of patience when he needed to have it! We could just picture that laden old lorry with the chickens and the Africans all hanging on! A scene like that could still be seen today."

Peta McLean, Australia
















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