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David William Kinloch Macpherson was born on 17th May, 1900 in Bankipore, India.

He spent his early childhood in India where his father was Chief Secretary to the Government of Bengal. David, at the age of four was sent to Scotland to live with his stern aunts who prepared him for the rigours of school life. He was a classical scholar maintaining an interest in Latin and Greek throughout his life and was a keen ornithologist from his boyhood days.

After training at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst he was commissioned in the Highland Light Infantry, served in Africa with the King’s African Rifles and was then posted to India. He resigned his commission in 1926 and returned to Africa leaving the ship at Beira where he caught the first train out to ‘go to the end of the line’eventually arriving in Nyasaland.

David’s ambition was to buy land and create a tobacco farm but these were slump years in the industry and he needed capital. A formidable rifle shot he decided to ‘push off’ into the bush to hunt elephant and make a study of the birds.

He succeeded and towards the end of 1929, using the money raised from his elephant hunting purchased the lease on 400 acres of land in the Central Province of Nyasaland.











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